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We work closely with our clients to customize the services we provide based on their specific needs and circumstances. We’re proud to be a leading Carpet Cleaning Service in the Essex, London and Hertfordshire area, and willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever we’re needed. Contact us today to get in touch with our team of experienced professionals.


Who We Are

Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional Carpet Cleaning Service is well renowned throughout the Essex, London and Hertfordshire area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!

At Motivated Cleaning we continuously produce top quality cleans, most of which are achieved at a very minimal dry time of 30 minutes. So by the time we leave you are able to continue as normal without 2-4 hour drying times.

We offer commercial trials to enable potential clients to see first hand what we can achieve before we are given the opportunity to look after their carpets. If you are interested in having a trial, please contact us on the above number, email or Facebook and we will book in a visit.

"I found out about Motivated Cleaning with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate. They were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment we got started."

Robbie White

"Two thumbs up. If you’re in need of an honest, professional, and reliable Carpet Cleaning Service, then look no further than Motivated Cleaning. I’ve relied on the service providers from Motivated Cleaning on numerous occasions, and have yet to be disappointed.”

Casey Johnson

"I highly recommend Motivated Cleaning. All of the staff members are extremely professional, have excellent communication skills, and provide great service. I wouldn’t choose any other Carpet Cleaning Service."

Sandy Williams

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We would love the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with us today.

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